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Institute Of Solar Power Technologies & Vocational Training

(A Unit of PLNS Enterprises ) ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified

About us

Renewable Energy – Solar Power

Current Scenario in our Country:
Solar Energy represents the earth's most abundant energy resources. In our country the average global radiation is around 5 kwh per sq.mtr. per day with about 250-300 clear sunny days in a year in most areas in the country and the same can be judiciously exploited to meet the ever increasing energy requirements.
Solar Energy can be used in diverse ways and are divided into two principal technologies for its utilization, viz., Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic. We are proud to say that we are the one & only Institute in the country imparting Skill Development Program on continuous & commercial basis.
Solar energy Availability in India is so abundant that it can be harnessed for all the energy needs of the nation. With an intention to harness this source of Energy more aggressively our Govt. of India has come out with Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM). This is one of the 8 Missions that have been taken up by the govt. under Copenhagen Climate Change Initiative. Target set under JNNSM is 20,000 mega watts of Solar Energy Generation by 2022.
Not only through this mission but also through National Energy Efficiency Mission under which PAT Scheme has been announced will also enhance the penetration of Alternate Energy utilization Especially Solar.
To achieve the goals set by the Govt. of India not only Money is required which they have provided for an amount of Rs.1,65,000/- corers of non lapsable fund has been created but they also require large pool of Skilled man power which is not available in India as of Today. As per the MNRE Estimates itself a minimum of 1lakh engineers are required to meet JNNSM targets. Under PAT Scheme it is being proposed that every Telephone tower should be run using Solar Power Pack, Every Thermal Power Station should install Large Scale Solar Hot Water systems for initial heating of water in place of oil fired boilers that are in use now. Even in the Domestic sector State Govt’s. have started insisting Solar Hot Water system Installation being made mandatory for Plan approvals and subsequent rebates are being offered in Property Tax to Electricity bills etc for certain no of years in addition to the subsidy available on the Solar water Heater. Same way Solar Cities have been announced and in the next five year plan India plans to have 400 such cities across the nation. Under Remote Rural Electrification Program Off Grid Solar Power Plants are being encouraged as a policy across the nation and is being implemented under PPP or BOT models.

Immense opportunities for Skilled Manpower

Opportunities are immense Skilled Man power requirement is going to steadily grow with so many new manufacturing units coming up and prices of Solar Products that have been falling steadily world over and with shortage of power supply by the utilities the demand is bound to grow. World over including the Middle east job Opportunities are growing for Skilled manpower in this most dynamic field. It is our strong belief that the next Biggest revolution that the world is going to witness is going to be Solar Energy after IT & ITES.

Shortage of Skilled Manpower

It’s a Fact that today Solar Industry is crippled by the absence of skilled manpower availability especially in the fields of Design, Installation, Testing & Maintenance. We the Institute of Solar Power Technologies & Vocational Training are trying to fill the gap. We are also training Prospective Rural Entrepreneurs who can start a micro units in Mandals and cover the 25 t0 30 villages each mandal has under its belt thus taking the penetration of Solar Energy Appliances like Solar Home Lighting systems, Solar Street Lights, Solar Cookers, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Pumps, Solar Desalination, Solar Driers etc. into rural areas.

As per the Industry estimates Solar Energy field requires a bare minimum of 8 to 10 lack skilled manpower which is inclusive of Engineers, Diploma Holders, ITI certified technicians, & Installers with next decade.

There is a no skilled manpower in this Industry and whatever little is available today have learnt the job on the field. Not had any formal training. Today there is an immediate demand for Installation & Maintenance skilled labor of different Solar Based systems like Water Heaters, Street Lights, Home Lighting systems, Roof Top Power Plants etc. all over India. All state government in India is implementing different schemes to promote solar systems. In Andhra Pradesh some Municipal corporations are implementing a G.O for installation of Solar Water Heating Systems in New building they are not giving construction permission without this. It’s already implemented in Vijayawada, Guntur, Visakhapatnam and Kakinada.

The National Solar Mission plan of the Govt of India which has come into force from 14th Nov – 2009 aims at bringing in an investment of Rs.1, 65,000/- crores by the year 2020 in India. Government of India wants to generate 20,000mgwatts of solar power by the year 2020. Today we generate about 2.5 t0 3mgwatt of power in a
dissipated way like all the installed water heaters, Solar Lanterns, Solar Pump Sets, Home lights, Street Lighting etc. The scope is vast. It is the next biggest revolution that is on the verge of explosion similar to what we have witnessed in the IT sector.


PLNS Enterprises is promoted with an objective to impart Technical Skills for unemployed youth in SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES. With a motto to serve the nation by developing skilled man power requirements to meet the National Solar Mission Targets announced by the Prime Minister. Whose vision is substituting the present fossil fuel based energy, which is causing huge ecological imbalance and also putting our future generations at a greater risk of elnino / global warming effect and also saving precious foreign Exchange.

We have established our Institute at 8 - 3 - 168/E/2/154, Besides S B H, 1st floor, Rajeev Nagar Circle, Hyderabad, to create employability in unemployed women & Youth. An ISO 9001 – 2008 certified Institute.

About the Promoters and Constitution:

PLNS Enterprises is promoted as a partnership firm to encourage rural women & Youth employment. The organization was founded with an inspiration to allow penetration of SOLAR Energy through rural employment by Sri. Chirammana Vamsi Krisshna, & Smt. C. Arthi Reddy.

Training at ISPT:


  • Minimum Qualification is 7th Class Attempted.
  • Maximum there is no limit.

Medium of Instruction:

English, Hindi, Telugu, & Marathi right now and we aim at providing the courseware in all the Indian languages over a period of time. We are also equipped with Audio Visual Training Capability.

Course Module:

60 % of theory & 40% of practicals; When we talk about Practicals our students will be able to even identify a problem in a Circuit and rectify it at the component level in the PCB’s. Training is offered in the following Aspects at the Chip Level.


Our Courses are recognized by the Industry. We are also Registered Small Scale unit under service Sector. Our Course material is Copy write Registered. Our Trade Mark “Institute of Solar Power Technologies & Vocational Training” along with the logo is an IPR too.

Our Course curriculum for 4months and 6months has been approved by Board Of Technical Education Andhra Pradesh, India.

We have successfully conducted training for Ministry for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Govt. of India & National Institute of Rural Development, Ministry of Rural Development, and Govt. of India.

Mr. Vamsi Krisshna
cvkr29@yahoo.com / cvkr29@isptvt.com
+91 – 9703000089